Product Description

There’s no doubt about it, you can’t get much more nutritious than a salad. A simple tossing together of any veggie from the garden you can think of, some protein in the form of egg or meat or tofu, and topping it off with some healthy fats in the form of a delicious dressing! Sounds pretty simple right? But think again!

A salad can be easily ruined!!! Wilted lettuce, soggy tomato, fake store bought dressing and salad becomes your worst nightmare. You’ll be reaching for those unhealthy meal or snack alternatives in no time. But don’t let it be that way!

What I will teach you in this module:

  • The one and only strategy for making any salad you could ever think of, no matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, or just looking to up your nutrition, this strategy is for everyone.
  • Examples on how to use this strategy so you can create the most amazing salad creations like: grilled peach & proscuitto salad, mango & prawn salad, Thai beef salad, blackbean & corn salad and so many more!
  • Lists of ingredients you could use to create “Choose-Your-Own-Salad-Ingredient” masterpieces! You’ll be able to hand pick ingredients youlike to make either a light side salad or a hearty salad meal.
  • The secrets to making your good ol’ favourite salads like potato salad, coleslaw, Ceasar salad and Greek salad.
  • A mini master class on creating your own simple salad dressings too so you no longer have to rely on store bought versions that are made with toxic oils, sugar, thickeners and a tonne of preservatives.
  • Tips and tricks for getting your kids to eat salad. They’ll be begging you to make salad with them!

What you’ll get with this module:

  • A step-by-step video teaching you all the simple strategies for creating any flavoured salad you could image.
  • A 27 page, nutritionist approved, brightly coloured and photographed manual, that you can download and keep forever, giving you the written step-by-step instructions for making your favourite salads.
  • The techniques for making salads recipe free. Yep we give you strategies, and not just recipes, so that you can make an unlimited number salad dressing flavours.
  • Access to the Rumbles Lifestyle Hub secret Facebook group where you can share both your cooking successes and disasters (!) with like-minded people and get tips and feedback for becoming a healthy chef extraordinaire.
  • Customised certificate to print and hang on your wall once you have completed the module!