Product Description

Transform any cut of meat, from any land or sea animal, into a succulent, juicy taste bomb explosion, with the Rumbles Lifestyle Hub Marinade Module.

What I will teach you in this module:

  • The one and only secret strategy, for making any marinade you could think of! Yes there’s a real technique to making marinades and it’s all about balancing your acidic ingredients with some fats, sweeteners and other flavourings.
  • How to produce marinade flavours from all around the world: from Mexico to Korea, from Greece to Morocco, from Mexico to China…and then some more!
  • How to design and create your very own unique, marinade flavours.
  • How to marinate the different cuts and types of meats; every meat is unique! For example, marinating a delicate fillet of white fish is a completely different world away from marinating a leg of lamb. You need to know these strategies!

What you’ll get with this module:

  • A step-by-step video teaching you all the simple strategies for creating any flavoured marinade you could image.
  • A 23 page, nutritionist approved, brightly coloured and photographed manual, which you can download and keep forever, giving you the written step-by-step instructions for making your favourite marinades.
  • The techniques for making marinades recipe free. Yep we give you strategies, and not just recipes, so that you can make marinade from YOUR favourite ingredients, any time, anywhere!
  • Access to the Rumbles Lifestyle Hub secret Facebook group where you can share both your cooking successes and disasters (!) with like-minded people and get tips and feedback for becoming a healthy chef extraordinaire.
  • Customised certificate to print and hang on your wall once you have completed the module!