Product Description

A piece of flame grilled juicy meat, melted cheese, crispy bacon (if bacon’s your thing), grilled onions, crisp lettuce, and tangy sauce that oozes down your chin as you sink your teeth into the bun that houses this delectable combo. OMG, how good are hamburgers?!

And guess what? You no longer have to go without one just because they’re supposed to be unhealthy and fattening!

With the Rumbles Lifestyle Hub Hamburger Module we teach you how to quickly and simply make healthy hamburgers that taste even better then the ones from your favourite take out restaurant…that’s our promise!

What I will teach you in this module:

  • Strategies to make hamburgers from every meat imaginable: pork, fish, chicken, beef, kangaroo, lamb, etc.
  • Strategies for making vegetarian burgers that are so delicious, even the most carnivorous creatures on the planet will be lining up to eat them.
  • Examples of how to make Satay burgers, Spanish chorizo burgers, cracked lemon and herb fish burgers, Aloha pork burgers, and soooooooo many more.
  • Strategies for making homemade BBQ, tomato and teriyaki sauces in five minutes.
  • Gluten free bread options and other creative ideas for what you can eat your burger in…nope you don’t have to just eat your burger in bread!
  • How to stuff your burger! Yep this idea takes your burger patty from 100% delicious to a million per cent delicious!

What you’ll get with this module:

  • A step-by-step video teaching you all the simple strategies for creating hamburgers from all your favourite meats to make any flavoured burger you could dream of!
  • A 28 page, nutritionist approved, brightly coloured and photographed manual that you can download and keep forever, giving you the written step-by-step instructions for making your favourite burgers and sauces.
  • The techniques to have you making all these burgers from memory. Yep we give you strategies, and not just recipes, so that you can make any burger from your favourite ingredients, whenever you like!
  • Access to the Rumbles Lifestyle Hub secret Facebook group where you can share both your cooking successes and disasters (!) with like-minded people and get tips and feedback for becoming a healthy chef extraordinaire.
  • Customised certificate to print and hang on your wall once you have completed the module!