Product Description

Just because you’re giving up gluten, trying to limit your carb intake, going Paleo, or just trying to be a little healthier, doesn’t mean you can’t eat bread! With The Rumbles Lifestlye Hub Bread module, I teach you how to make bread an enjoyable part of a healthy lifestyle…hooray!

What I will teach you in this module:

  • How to simply make gluten, grain & optionally, dairy free breads, that only take about five minutes to mix together; no kneading, proving or fermenting yeast involved!
  • Three base recipes for making bread that can then be tweaked to create an unlimited amount of bread varieties. Think pizza bread, fruit bread, multigrain bread, pumpkin bread, caramelised onion, walnut and rosemary bread and more! The options are endless once you know these three simple strategies.

What you’ll get with this module:

  • A step-by-step video teaching you how to make the base recipes and then how to adjust them with your favourite flavourings to create breads of every flavour imaginable.
  • A 28 page, nutritionist approved, brightly coloured and photographed manual that you can download and keep forever, giving you the written step-by-step instructions for preparing your breads.
  • The techniques to have you making delicious bread from memory (say good-bye to bulky cookbooks) with flavours you and your family love.
  • Access to the Rumbles Lifestyle Hub secret Facebook group where you can share both your cooking successes and disasters (!) with like-minded people and get tips and feedback for becoming a healthy chef extraordinaire.
  • Customised certificate to print and hang on your wall once you have completed the module!