Healthy food is about more than just following a recipe or counting calories.

It’s about exploration, creativity, nourishment and living your dreams.

You no longer have to drown in healthy cooking confusion! This is what the Rumbles Lifestyle Hub Healthy Cooking School can do for you:


Healthy cooking and eating, it’s a magical adventure full of colour, excitement and taste-bomb explosions that’ll have your taste buds doing a jig of wondrous celebration!

It truly is. Don’t believe us? Well in all honestly, I don’t blame you.

The weight loss industry has done it’s best to convince us that healthy eating is boring, tasteless and painful because we have to give up all our favourite foods, eat no fat, and count every calorie in every fat-free cardboard tasting crumb that passes our lips. No wonder people can’t stick to their healthy eating goals when they’ve been convinced that the strategies to do so are more painful then a visit to hell!

But what if we told you that healthy eating didn’t have to be all about grilled chicken breasts, steamed broccoli and “diet” foods anymore? What if we told you that healthy eating didn’t mean giving up all your favourite foods? What if we told you that healthy eating was quick, simple and more delicious than anything you’ve ever experienced?

Well guess what, all the above is true and we are here to tell you all that!

Why do we want you to know this? Well because, like loads of you, we spent way too many years being afraid of food and feeling deprived and we want to show you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Consider The Rumbles Lifestyle Hub to be your very own culinary Hogwarts of the healthy cooking and eating realm!

Here your wand is your whisk and your spell books are our ten cooking school modules giving you the magical power of being able to turn any “real food” into delicious gluten/grain free breads, casseroles, cakes, ice creams, frittatas, hearty salads, muffins and so much more. You’ll learn to do it all from memory so that you no longer have to be reliant on cookbooks and you can empower yourself to cook healthy foods instead of falling prey to the old trap of, “I just don’t know what to cook!”

Here we teach you the skill of being a healthy cooking wizard! Which is, in our opinion, the most powerful (and delicious) influence in creating superior health.

Your wand is waiting for you…

See you inside The Hub!

About the creator

About the creator

Jen Richards

Jen Richards is the co-creator of Rumbles Paleo. She’s also a children’s book author and therapist at Matrix Rejeneration.
Jen’s mission is to create a new type of epidemic: a world-wide epidemic of conscious minded people who have the strength of mind, body and heart to live in the glorious heights of their full potential.
Jen spent twenty years of her life battling eating disorders. This eventually led to her studying with Marc David at the Institue For The Psychology of Eating to heal her relationship with food and self, while receiving counselling with an EFT Tapper.
Now, after becoming a qualified EFT Therapist herself, Jen works with woman from around the world to help them overcome the tumultuous waters of healthy eating and develop a loving relationship with food and body.

About the Nutritionist

About the Nutritionist

Rebecca Nasr

Rebecca is a fitness and nutrition expert. Her qualifications include both a Bachelor Degree in Health Science (majoring in Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and Psychology) and seven years of working as a personal trainer, with specific focus on creating post and pre natal pregnancy fitness programs for women.
Beck’s passion is to make it easier for people to navigate the world of health and nutrition. Her nutrition philosophy runs along the JERF lines of eating – Just Eat Real Food!